The 2019 Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition is hosted by the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center and organized by People's Daily Online. The competition, centering around the theme “Creativity brings a bright future”, aims to inherit unique traditional culture and promote the development of the cultural and creative industry.

The competition welcomes digital creations, creative design, advertising works, development plans of intangible cultural heritage items and intellectual property, projects related to education, tourism, sports and cultural innovation start-up projects around the world.

From April to July 2019, each competition division will hold a preliminary, semi-final and final round. The first, second and third prizes and individual awards will be handed out, and corresponding trophies and certificates will be awarded. By the end of August, the final competition will be held in Beijing in three categories: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The first, second and third prizes and individual awards will be handed out, and prizes, trophies and certificates will be awarded to the winners.

The top 100 companies in Beijing and the top 100 companies in the country will receive a special gift to help the development of their companies. They will have the privilege of using the industrial park in which the competition is held to exhibit their products during the 2019 Beijing Cultural Expo.

They will have more opportunities to introduce their projects to investors and will have access to services provided by professional and exclusive consultants. Companies from outside Beijing, both at home and abroad, can enjoy supportive services to expand their business in Beijing.

From April 18, 2019, you can register online through this platform. For approved projects, we will send results to your registered email address. You can also check the progress of your registration by clicking on the "Query progress" button.

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